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January 6, 2008

Seven years, seven months and counting

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Never ever did I think that becoming a mom would be so difficult. After being married for 5 years, despite the fact that I was nearing “30,” I didn’t think anything about infertility issues or, God forbid, the inability to conceive. Fast-forward seven plus years later, and I’m still not a mom. Well, not unless you count “the dog.” As great as he is, he’s still not a kid.

My desire to create this blog is not a self-serving one. My husband and I are committed to waiting it out until our adoption finally happens. Rather, I am looking to share my experiences with other moms (and dads)-in-waiting whose experiences are similar to mine. The more people I have met and shared my experiences over time, the more I find that there are others who would be wonderful parents, and for some unfortunate reason, they cannot get there by conventional or unconventional (IVF) means.

And that’s how this blog has come to be. I hope you will take the opportunity to share in my journey to parenthood while giving support to other hopeful parents-to-be.


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